BMW Body Kits

April 16th, 2014
BMW body kits give the external modification to the BMW vehicles. Which improves the balance and weight of the vehicle also give extra add on the performance in speed and control of the vehicle. They make the vehicle look good much balance at the high speed drive and improves the control over the breaking system of the vehicle.Now a day BMW body kits are becoming more and more popular because of its importance in all aspects. Many production companies are there who make the body kits for BMW. ...
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BMW Spoilers

April 15th, 2014
BMW is supposed to be the most popular car manufacturer in the world the vehicles manufactured by BMW are famous for its elegant style, luxury and power and all these three things can be found in every BMW cars. Every people on this world want to drive a BMW vehicle once in their life. BMW is a German based automobile, engine and motorcycle manufacturing company which was established in 1926.BMW spoilers are made from polyurethane plastics and is finished in black which means paint finish to ...
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Take Motorcycle Saddles into Consideration

April 14th, 2014
The efficiency of your motorcycle saddles affects you as a rider. Poor quality saddles can lessen your excitement to keep going and finish the course. On one side, if you have good saddles, you will feel comfortable throughout your ride. Saddles can also be a controlling factor that determines your overall performance. Thus, we have to select one meticulously and with fervor. Just think that you're gonna be on it most of the time. How would you feel if you unfortunately fell into a bad choice? ...
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Motorcycle Gloves against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

April 11th, 2014
Riders fall and when they do, they will most likely need some sort of protection to lessen the impact of collision to the ground. The road is concrete, hard and able to cause great injury. It can rip off the vulnerable skin in the hands. The injury can also go further to cause fracture to the tiny bones in the hands. Thus, motorcycle gloves are used to prevent these injuries. Motorcycle gloves are important, that is. They not only protect knuckles in times of fall but also keep the hands warm. ...
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Motorcycle Boots for Everyone!

April 10th, 2014
Whenever we roam around the city, we observe that boots is on of the hype trend now than it was before. Before, boots are only used when you want to go out on a rainy day. It is for stomping through the mud with. However, they are never used for the purpose of being trendy, fashionable as well as comfortable as it is used in the present days. The discovery of boots has its humble beginning. It was made possible in Egypt when skins or hides were tied around the foot to protect it at the same ...
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BMW Supercharger

April 9th, 2014
Supercharging technology is said to be like a turbo. It compresses air into the intake, that which allows more air  to flow in thus creating more and more  power. Driven by an accessory belt that is taken directly from the crankshaft, and theses have a zero lag because the unit is making boost always.  This is less efficient than a turbo, but they still work well especially when they are inter cooled so that it can increase air density. Furthermore, the installation is relatively very ...
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Automotive Engineers Help Reduce Vehicle Thefts With Telematics

April 8th, 2014
Data released from government agencies revealed that from 2003 to 2006, the nation saw a dip in overall vehicular theft - 11 percent, in fact. That still left thousands upon thousands of cars taken in the night (or broad daylight) and resold as legitimate used vehicles, shipped overseas or dismantled for their parts. According to respected experts on vehicle theft, positive results are being seen from owner-applied theft deterrence and recovery systems. With automotive engineers focusing more ...
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BMW suspension

April 6th, 2014
BMW is always looking for enhancing the joy of your driving. And with the race-inspired BMW Performance Suspension Kit, the enthusiasm and energy for the drive is repaid with the unparalleled exhilaration and the agility. The new aggressive package is up to 25 mm lower and it increases the spring rates to go up to 48%. The Anti-roll bars are 26.5 mm in the front and 12 mm in the rear. The BMW Suspension Kit of Performance makes the vehicle respond very instantaneously to steer up inputs. This ...
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Swedes Turning Away From Big Cars

April 5th, 2014
As is the case in the United States, auto buyers in Sweden also favor large cars like wagons, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Of course, the fact that Volvo and Saab are manufacturers of large vehicles are based in Sweden points out the obvious. The affinity of Swedes for large cars is considered the most compared to other Europeans. Victoria Klintberg, a Swedish teacher said that: "We're real Svenssons. We have to have a station wagon. Another Swede, the 76-yer old Olle Maberg said this about his ...
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3 Marketing Basics that will propel your automotive dealership to the top of the list

April 4th, 2014
If you own a car dealership regardless of whether it sells used or new vehicles you no doubt have a long list of responsibilities in front of you that you must deal with each day. Most of your time is probably spent making decisions in one of the following three categories, inventory, operations, and staffing. While each of these categories is important, you also must be prepared to deal with one more category that is often neglected since it does not immediately impact your businesses ability ...
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